Sunday, 17 October 2010

I fink were getting sumfink new

I seed our hooman walking into da cunservatree with sumfink green and round. I don't knows wot it could be, maybee sumfink for da run?


  1. I'm so excited for you! Keep me posted on what you get! :)

  2. I mentioned your blog on Bunnies_R_Us (a Yahoo group I follow) and one of the ladies told me that her two bunnies, Buster and Brie, would like to tell you, "Hi!" Their mommy can't log on to see your blog because she's at work, but would when she can later. I am trying to get you more visitors because you are so cute and you have such a nice home. I think other bunny moms and dads would like to see how your house is arranged.

  3. Cookie, Cissy & Lil Bit saw your blog mentioned on Bunnies R Us and told me we just HAD to check it out. I'm going to bookmark it for now, so that we can come back later when I have more time to read it to them. Right now I have to go get their supper ready. Such slave drivers they are! :-)