Saturday, 9 October 2010

It's Getting Colder!

Oh no, itz getting colder again. Aparrentlee dis is becoze of "Awetum", whotever dat iz. We haz only had 1 Awetum ever, and den we was just little babies. Aneeway, we don't care if itz gettin colder, becoze we are tuff bunnehs and have lots of furz. Dere iz a hole in da roof of our run so waters drip froo dat and get my furz wet. I don't likes getting wet.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Timmy and Tilly, you are very brave! I'm sure you will be nice and cozy inside your safe cabin. You have each other to snuggle. Your hoomins must really love you a lot to build such nifty stuff for you. I'm glad you have each other and a happy home! It's hot most of the time where I live with my six bunnies. They don't get out very much because the sun here can cause heat stroke! They have to stay inside with a fan on them. But, they have their bunny buddies and lots of hay and food and toys. They all said to tell you Hello for them and want to know what snow is like.